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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BlogHooks App?

The BlogHooks App is a specialized Shopify extension designed to enhance the functionality and features of your online store. It provides tools for customization, marketing, inventory management, and more.

How do I install the BlogHooks App on my Shopify store?

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Shopify App Store.
  • Search for "BlogHooks App."
  • Click "Install" to integrate the app with your store.
  • Authorize necessary access.

What type of cards can I create with the BlogHooks App?

The app supports the creation of various cards, including sliders, grids, and tables. Each card type comes with its own set of customization options for layout and display.

Can I customize the appearance of the cards on my storefront?

Yes, the BlogHooks App offers extensive customization options. You can configure layout, colors, fonts, and other visual elements to align with your store's branding.

How do I embed a card on my Shopify store?

After configuring your card, the app typically provides an embed code. Copy this code and paste it into the desired section of your Shopify store (e.g., a page or product description) to display the card.

Does the BlogHooks App integrate with other third-party services?

The app is designed to seamlessly integrate with various third-party services, facilitating connections with tools for accounting, shipping, and customer relationship management.

How to remove cart Icon?

To hide the cart icon in the BlogHooks App, log in to Shopify, access the app, and go to Card Configuration or Global Settings. Check the "Hide Cart Icon" checkbox, save the changes, and preview or visit your store to ensure the cart icon is hidden. Make additional adjustments if necessary. For specific instructions, consult the app's documentation or contact support for guidance tailored to its interface.

What are Global Settings in the BlogHooks App?

Global Settings in the BlogHooks App refer to the overarching configurations that impact the overall appearance and behavior of the app across different sections and elements.

Where can I find the Global Settings in the app?

Typically, you can locate the Global Settings within the main menu or settings section of the BlogHooks App in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Can I customize the product item template with Global Settings?

Yes, the app provides options to choose from various product item templates globally, affecting the overall look and feel of product representations.

How do I set the alignment for elements using Global Settings?

Within the Global Settings, you can define the alignment for elements such as product titles, prices, and buttons. Options may include center, left, or right alignment.

What is the significance of the "Show Second Image on Hover" option?

Enabling this option globally allows the second image of a product to be displayed when a customer hovers over it, providing a dynamic visual experience.

Can I control the appearance of the "Add to Cart" button globally?

Yes, the Global Settings include options to customize the "Add to Cart" button, allowing you to set colors, text styles, and other visual aspects.

How does the "Swatches" option work in Global Settings?

The "Swatches" option globally controls the display of product attribute swatches (e.g., color or size options) and offers choices like hidden, squares, or round shapes.

What is the purpose of the "Cart Count" setting in Global Settings?

The "Cart Count" setting allows you to specify the CSS selector for displaying the cart count, ensuring consistency in showing the number of items in the cart.

Can I reset Global Settings to default configurations?

Depending on the app, there may be an option to reset Global Settings to default configurations. Check the app's documentation or settings menu for this feature.

How often should I review and update Global Settings?

It's advisable to review Global Settings periodically, especially when making changes to your store's branding or layout. Regularly updating ensures that the app aligns with your current preferences.

Where can I find additional information or support for Global Settings?

For more details or assistance related to Global Settings, refer to the app's documentation within the Shopify App Store or reach out to the BlogHooks App support team.

I have added the card shortcode in my shopify but it is not loading?

Please check if you have enabled the app in the theme customization.

I have added the card code on the website but it is not loading?

Please check if you have added the js script in the website footer. Js Script must have been added after your shortcode.

How to add multiple shortcodes on a single page?

If you need to add multiple shortcodes in one page. You just have to add all your shortcodes and just add your

Is there a Free trial plan?

Yes There is a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL plan PREMIUM. In this plan you will get max 25 cards and 1 whitelist domain.

What are the Plans?

There are two plans Premium and Platinum. If you want to use this only for one shopify you can choose PREMIUM and if you want to use this for third party blogs or websites you can upgrade to PLATINUM. You can add 9 more white list domains to use our website.

Why is it showing to upgrade to Platinum?

If you want to use Your shortcode in third party website you need to upgrade to Platinum.

What is the White list Domain?

If you want to use this app’s shortcode in third party website you need to upgrade to Platinum.

Which type of cards can I create with the white list domain?

If you want to use this app’s shortcode in third party website you need to upgrade to Platinum.

How to do Install app and create card?

How to add card in Shopify Page or blog?

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How to add custom css?

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